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Termination Guidelines

Julius Stanley Carroll, CPP, CFE Security Program Development, Workplace Violence, WPV Support

Terminations are often a stressful situation, both for the terminated employee and for the individual responsible for conducting the termination. Listed below are some guidelines that could help diffuse volatile situations and make the process run more smoothly. Always plan the termination. Think it through. Always have two supervisors/managers present during the termination. The meeting should be cordial and professional …

Security Consulting

Security in the Office – A Checklist

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISP Embezzlement, Fraud, Security Planning, Security Policy and Procedure Development, Security Program Development, Theft, Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud, Training

How is your security? The following checklist illustrates the necessary aspects of security that must be addressed for a secure environment. Comply with and support your company’s safety and security program and regulations, and insist that others do the same. Protect wallets, keys, purses, and other personal valuables on the job. This especially includes smartphones and tablets. Challenge strangers in …

On Strike

Hidden Costs of Security Problems

Tasha D. Dyson Crisis Management Planning, Security Planning, Security Policy and Procedure Development, Security Program Development

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, staff members at the Louvre in Paris staged a protest, and the museum did not open. (Read the full story from the BBC here.) They were not protesting about wages, benefits, or hours. They were protesting about a security problem. Pickpockets are apparently a huge problem at the museum, so much so that over 200 …

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Identity Theft – Where’s Your Wallet?

Protus3 News

Identity theft is talked about constantly, and when it happens to someone, their response is normally “I don’t know how this happened to me”. Sometimes it is just too easy. On a recent business trip – to a security conference no less – as we walked into a restaurant for breakfast we passed an empty booth with no one close …

Lone Star College

Lessons from Lone Star College System

Tasha D. Dyson News, Security Program Development, Workplace Violence

On January 22, 2013, gunshots were heard on the North Harris campus of Lone Star College System. It was later learned that an altercation between two individuals (one of whom may have been a student) had escalated to gun violence. The shooters were injured along with an innocent bystander. Incidents such as this immediately bring to mind topics such as …


Hotel Locks

Emily Schack Security Assessment, Security Survey, Security Threat Assessment

Most hotel locks use a card rather than a key, and in recent months this is presenting a big problem. A low-cost piece of hardware called a microcontroller can make for a simple hack and easy burglary with no signs of forced door or picked lock. See the story here. The up side for hotels to use keycards instead of …

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Be Aware

Protus3 News, Workplace Violence

Without knowing the complete picture about the incident at Clackamas Shopping Center in Oregon, what can we learn? It’s a reminder of the importance of being aware of your surroundings. People shouldn’t live in fear but instead think in terms of being prepared. Two things we should all consider anywhere we visit are: “where can I take shelter?” and “how …

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Items of Value in Cars – Asking for Trouble

Protus3 Theft

What concerns me is how individuals will leave GPS, phones, iPods, purses, money, and other items of value in their cars – in plain view. They may say, “well, I don’t have anything in my purse” or “my GPS is old.” Someone just walking by your car does not know that the purse may be empty or the GPS may …