Security Design & Corporate investigations

Protus3 helps clients plan, protect and prosper by specializing in business security system design, business security consulting, corporate investigations and other investigative services. Protus3 partners with clients to examine each situation to identify threats and develop solutions for the client's best outcome.

Integrated Protection

Security System Design


Protus3 has extensive experience creating well-designed security systems. We take into account your organization's culture, operations, assets, philosophies and expected outcomes. Protus3 will partner with you to create a seamless and effective security program tailored to your organization.

Customized Security Solutions

Security Consulting


Protus3 takes a proactive, customized approach to assessing your organization's security threats. Our best-value security support can help your organization maximize benefits while minimizing costs. We partner with you to identify your assets, identify threats and develop appropriate security measures.

Scalable Threat Impact

Investigative Services


The investigative process looks to determine what happened, the extent of the loss, and remediation that might be indicated. A superior investigation requires more than actionable intelligence. To be truly successful, it must ultimately provide the client with value above and beyond the cost of service.

Our plan is the integration of people, processes, and technology within the business model of our clients to best protect them from the threats that affect their bottom line and allow them to prosper.

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