woman taking money out of her wallet

Identity Theft – Where’s Your Wallet?


woman taking money out of her walletIdentity theft is talked about constantly, and when it happens to someone, their response is normally “I don’t know how this happened to me”. Sometimes it is just too easy.

On a recent business trip – to a security conference no less – as we walked into a restaurant for breakfast we passed an empty booth with no one close to it. In the booth was a woman’s purse, open and just waiting to be taken.

Shortly after that, we boarded the bus that transports us to the security conference. When I took my seat, I looked over to the seat beside me. There was a man’s wallet just lying on the seat next to his backpack. The owner of these items – who works for a large security integration company – was sitting in the seat in front of his belongings. It would have been very easy to take either the wallet or the bag without his knowledge.

Maybe because this was a bus full of security professionals going to a security conference, this individual thought he was safe. He was this time, but he may not be the next time.

Let’s not make it any easier for those who insist on stealing your identity. Keep your purse, wallet, credit cards, and other items secured at all times and not left for someone to take.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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