Hotel Locks

Emily SchackSecurity Assessment

keyMost hotel locks use a card rather than a key, and in recent months this is presenting a big problem. A low-cost piece of hardware called a microcontroller can make for a simple hack and easy burglary with no signs of forced door or picked lock. See the story here.

The up side for hotels to use keycards instead of keys is that they are inexpensive if misplaced and management can use a device to read the memory of the keycard lock. However hundreds of thousands of locks protecting hotel rooms can be hacked with a digital tool that only takes seconds to trigger its opening.

Although this is going to be a growing problem around the world remember to travel smart, folks. Many hotel rooms these days have safes – use them! Don’t travel with any electronics if you don’t need them and when you can, take your laptop, tablet, and other devices with you.





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