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Items of Value in Cars – Asking for Trouble

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What concerns me is how individuals will leave GPS, phones, iPods, purses, money, and other items of value in their cars – in plain view. They may say, “well, I don’t have anything in my purse” or “my GPS is old.” Someone just walking by your car does not know that the purse may be empty or the GPS may …

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What is Sextortion?

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Sextortion refers to the category of sexual exploitation in which threatened release of sexual images or information is the means of coercion (Source: Wikipedia). In recent months, we have been hired to assist clients who have made the mistake of hitting the send button and wishing there was some way to “get that photo back.” These cases normally involve men …

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Intruder in the Attic

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The original news story can be found here. An ex-boyfriend from twelve years ago came back to haunt a woman – literally. A single mother of five children in Rock Hill, South Carolina, thought an animal had gotten into her attic when she heard a thump and then saw some nails popping out from her bedroom ceiling one night. Her …

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Apple Unique ID Numbers

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCE Fraud

Hackers have posted online the unique ID numbers for more than one million Apple devices. As claimed in news reports, the file was obtained through phishing. A hacker intercepted an email sent to several dozen FBI agents. In the header of the email were all of the agents’ email addresses. The hacker crafted emails that appeared to come from legitimate …

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FBI Warns Travelers to Beware Attacks Via Hotel Wi-Fi

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In today’s economic environment, all companies are looking for opportunities to increase their customer base and grow their market share. Technology and the effective use of technology is critical to all businesses, from the small “mom & pop” to the large Fortune 100 firm doing business around the globe. As Americans we love technology and can’t get enough of it. …

Jury Says Virginia Tech Negligent

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS News

Emergency plans are for doing – not just for having. This recent verdict underlines an important discrepancy between the letter and intent of both the Clery requirements for campus warnings and emergency warning best practices and the way these procedures are implemented in reality in some crisis situations. No matter how comprehensive and well founded an emergency plan is or …

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Clear Your Google Web History

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCE News

On March 1, 2012, Google will implement a new privacy policy. This new policy will affect any data Google has collected on you prior to that date, along with data collected from then on. Under the new policy, your Google Web History can be combined with other data Google has gathered about you from other services like Gmail, Google+, and …

Iran Reports Killing of Nuclear Scientist in ‘Terrorist’ Blast

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS News

Move over Bering Sea crab fishermen. There is a new “Most Dangerous Job in the World” – scientist in the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The assassination in January was the fourth in two years. This is another successful use of a motorcycle team to attach a small but effective explosive device to a car trapped in traffic with immediate initiation. …

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Online Impersonation

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Impersonating someone online can take many forms. In some cases, the impersonation may constitute a criminal offense, such as when one individual pretends to be another for financial gain. In other instances, the impersonation does not reach that level. Regardless of whether the impersonation is or is not a crime, the victim of the impersonation feels violated and vulnerable. Depending …