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Department of Education Increases Clery Fines

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The maximum fine for any violation of the Jeanne Clery Act has increased from $35,000 to $54,789. The new fines posted by the US Department of Education in the Federal Register are effective for civil penalties imposed on or after August 1, 2016, whose associated violations occurred after November 2, 2015. The costs for non-compliance just got higher. In recent …

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3 Traits of a Successful Clery Compliance Coordinator

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Campus Safety Magazine published “3 Traits of a Successful Clery Compliance Coordinator”, an article that highlights some of the challenges and nuances facing institutions and Clery Coordinators trying to comply with its requirements. It also drives home that elevating compliance from a departmental/individual response to a coordinated institutional response will drive success. In the business world, this seems like such …

campus safety article

The Security Strategy That Works for Two College Campuses

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Above all, a security strategy is about integrating people, processes, and technology. Although there are some significant differences, these strategies apply to any other campus as well, not just colleges and universities. From the original article: Colleges and universities must develop a security strategy that protects the heart of their campus: students. Digital tools can help schools improve their physical …

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Prevention or Mitigation: Which Do You prefer?

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How important is a security program? The first role of any organization’s leadership is the protection of the organization. In higher education, reputation is an institution’s greatest asset. Reputation attracts the talent – students, faculty/staff, business collaboration, and academic and non-academic recruitment. Reputation also attracts the resources – research, innovation, donors/investors, and funding. As security consultants, we have seen organizations …

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What Can We Learn From Baylor University?

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The Dallas Morning News recently published an article entitled “Sex assault reports at Baylor nearly quadrupled in 2015, report says”. Read the full article here. What can we learn from Baylor University? If campus leaders do not set the example and provide the necessary resources, it is nearly impossible to engage the population in a comprehensive and effective manner. A …

Campus Safety article on safety during investigations

Keeping the Campus Safe during a Title IX Investigation

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Should campus security conduct a behavioral threat assessment concurrent to a Title IX sexual violence investigation? Campus Safety’s feature on Threat Assessment Teams provides three steps to help maintain security during an investigation. Read more: 3 Steps to Keeping Victims and Campuses Safe During Title IX and VAWA Investigations     Plan. Protect. Prosper. Protus3 specializes in security system design, …

Campus Safety article about guns on campus

CCP Holders and Guns on Campus

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Should CCP holders be allowed to carry guns on campus? There are studies that show during times of great stress, a person will experience changes that affect their physiological, sensory and cognitive processes which can prevent appropriate responses in very serious situation. These responses can affect critical decision-making processes. For example, check out the eleven reservations of a “gun guy.” …

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Reflections on Oregon Shooting

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The shooting at Umpqua Community College on October 1, 2015, made us think. Security events are deliberate actions by people to cause harm. There is no way that any organization can keep people who are adequately motivated and have access to the right resources from attempting to commit harm. What we can do is harden ourselves as targets. This will …

Rusty Gilmore

Rusty Gilmore Interviewed by WRAL

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An investigation that began in Wake County of nude photos of high school students on Instagram has expanded to at six more North Carolina counties, bringing the total to at least nine, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Justice said Wednesday. School system representatives have said they are cooperating with authorities in the investigation, and authorities are urging parents …


RMA Attends NCACLEA 2014 Winter Conference

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RMA was pleased to be able to support the North Carolina Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators as a vendor at their 2014 Winter Conference. The conference was a held at Wake Tech Public Safety Center on January 31, 2014. The morning topic was “Building the Clery Enterprise” presented by, Chief Jeff Baker of University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNC-C). …