Campus Safety article about guns on campus

CCP Holders and Guns on Campus

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISPCrisis Management Planning, News, Security Program Development, Training, Workplace Violence

screenshot of articleShould CCP holders be allowed to carry guns on campus?

There are studies that show during times of great stress, a person will experience changes that affect their physiological, sensory and cognitive processes which can prevent appropriate responses in very serious situation. These responses can affect critical decision-making processes. For example, check out the eleven reservations of a “gun guy.”

Should We Allow CCP Holders to Carry Guns on Campus? 11 Reservations of a ‘Gun Guy’

Campus Safety magazine originally published this article. In short, Lt. John Weinstein discusses concern that civilian firearms training does not necessarily equal the ability to appropriately use a firearm to protect yourself or others in a campus setting.

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