layered security

Layered Security and COVID-19

Chuck HurstNews, Security Program Development

At Protus3, we take great pride in helping our clients identify risks and develop practical and sound strategies to manage, mitigate, and leverage those risks.  Usually those risks involve insider or outsider threats carried out by persons with nefarious intent. The threats come in various forms – overt and plainly visible (think intruder) or covert and not plainly evident (think …

CPTED vegetation

CPTED – Security Design Beyond the Acronym

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Program Development

As progressive managers and owners of contemporary organizations search for ways to reduce company losses caused by criminal acts, they are beginning to examine more closely the actual environment in which these crimes take place. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) as part of a security design can reduce the fear of crime. It can also reduce the actual incidence …

three part fence

Perimeter Security

William F. Booth, CPPSecurity Assessment, Security Program Development

Every security program must be an integrated whole and each element must grow out of the specific needs dictated by the circumstances affecting the facility to be protected. Nevertheless, the first and basic defense is still the outer perimeter of the facility. Planning this defense is neither difficult nor complicated, but it is the product of common sense. Whereas the …

A parking lot at night with cars and lightposts

Security Areas and Lighting!

William F. Booth, CPPSecurity Assessment

I have been the security expert in over 400 lawsuits alleging inadequate or negligent security. Many of those cases happened at night and, in most, the plaintiff alleged that the light was not adequate. Since lighting is one of the few security areas in which written standards exist, it is absolutely essential that your building entrances, pedestrian areas, or parking …

college students

Security Threat Assessments for Education

Protus3Security Program Development

In an ideal world, our schools, colleges, and universities would be immune from the threats and challenges that affect other businesses and institutions. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Academic institutions are cross-sections of society and bear the same responsibilities for the safety and security of their populations and infrastructure. This cross-section brings with it all the …

There is no substitute for a site visit

Protus3Security Assessment

We recently were asked to evaluate the security of a facility where a nighttime injury occurred in a parking deck. Upon preliminary review after receiving the information and photos, no real problems were noted. The facility looked well-kept, and reports were that their security was reasonable and up-to-date. The client was advised that a “long-distance’” review would frequently overlook critical …

What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design?

Protus3Security Assessment, Security Master Planning

We recently had the opportunity to create a guide and reference for property owners and community stakeholders to use as an aid in understanding the concepts and strategies that can be used to improve security and the quality of life in their neighborhoods. During that process, we researched the concept of CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, an approach that …