building at night

Security Lighting

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSP Security Assessment, Security Survey, Security Threat Assessment

This is the first in a series of videos that Protus3 will be doing on lighting, specifically, security lighting. Ideally, lighting should be designed so that a person feels as secure at night as they do during the day. Lighting is very subjective. It invokes feelings that in turn provide a choice. Lighting in and of itself does not stop …

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Security Assessment Project for BIDMC Plymouth

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Protus3 will conduct a Security Assessment for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Plymouth. This project will focus on the risk assessment of the Public Safety Department. Protus3 will also look at the overall security program at the hospital beginning with the identification of its most critical assets and the threats to those assets. Finally, Protus3 will review the overall …

down the rabbit hole

Lighting at the End of the Rabbit Hole: How to Determine Appropriate Lighting Levels as Part of a Total Security Program

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSP Security Assessment, Security Planning, Security Survey, Security Threat Assessment

Beginning Down the Rabbit Hole We all know the use of lighting alone does not stop crime, but the effects of good lighting coupled with additional security measures have been shown to reduce the occurrence of crime. Lighting can elicit an emotional response, providing a level of confidence and the feeling of security. It can also provide a decrease in …

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Assessment at University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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Risk Management Associates, Inc. completed its assessment of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore security program. The assessment began with the review of security-related policies and procedures and other related documents. Members of the RMA team visited the UMES campus to conduct independent observations and interviews with approximately 100 individual stakeholders. Local law enforcement was contacted, and both police calls …

three part fence

Perimeter Security

William F. Booth, CPP Security Assessment, Security Program Development

Every security program must be an integrated whole and each element must grow out of the specific needs dictated by the circumstances affecting the facility to be protected. Nevertheless, the first and basic defense is still the outer perimeter of the facility. Planning this defense is neither difficult nor complicated, but it is the product of common sense. Whereas the …

A parking lot at night with cars and lightposts

Security Areas and Lighting!

William F. Booth, CPP Security Assessment, Security Survey, Security Threat Assessment

I have been the security expert in over 400 lawsuits alleging inadequate or negligent security. Many of those cases happened at night and, in most, the plaintiff alleged that the light was not adequate. Since lighting is one of the few security areas in which written standards exist, it is absolutely essential that your building entrances, pedestrian areas, or parking …

Security Consulting

RMA Awarded Project for BlueCross and BlueShield NC

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RMA will conduct a comprehensive Security Assessment of the Chapel-Hill, Durham and Winston-Salem Campuses of BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina. The objective of this project will be to provide a precise and accurate assessment of the threat environment and security profile toward the end of identifying discrepancies or gaps between threat or desired performance and the reality of practice …

Cape Fear Community College

RMA Completes Assessment of Cape Fear Community College

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The purpose of the assessment was to perform a physical security plan survey, evaluate the security threats at each of the campuses, identify gaps in the current security program, and recommend measures that CFCC should consider going forward to mitigate the probability and criticality of a future security event. Included in this assessment were surveys that were done at each …

college students

Security Threat Assessments for Education

Protus3 Security Program Development

In an ideal world, our schools, colleges, and universities would be immune from the threats and challenges that affect other businesses and institutions. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Academic institutions are cross-sections of society and bear the same responsibilities for the safety and security of their populations and infrastructure. This cross-section brings with it all the …

Frost Bank from above

RMA Completes Assessment at Frost Bank

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Risk Management Associates, Inc. working in conjunction with Caprock Consulting Group has completed a Limited Building Security Assessment for Frost Bank in San Antonio, Texas. The project team interviewed executives about their security concerns to gain an understanding of the security culture at Frost Bank and interviewed key staff members in charge of security policies, administration, and day-to-day operations as …