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What’s Missing in Your Nationwide Criminal Search?

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation, Location of Persons and Assets

One of our core services is investigations, and we do a lot of pre-employment background investigations. We are often asked if we can include a “nationwide criminal search”, and we explain that there is no such thing as a public, comprehensive, nationwide criminal record check that searches all courts and jurisdictions. They say, “But I can get one for $19.95 …

Christine Peterson

RMA Presents at CSI Week at Meredith College

Protus3 Embezzlement, Fraud, News, Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud, Training

Chris Peterson presented Enemies at the Gate – or Are They Already Inside? as part of CSI Week at Meredith College. CSI Week allows students at Meredith to explore career opportunities in law enforcement and related fields. The event is sponsored by the Sociology and Criminology Programs, and the Sociology & Criminology Club (and with the support of Political Science, …

WRAL: Security Measures Not Foolproof, Consultant Says

Protus3 Background Investigation, Crisis Management Planning, News, Security Program Development, Workplace Violence

 Plan. Protect. Prosper. Protus3 specializes in security system design, security consulting, corporate investigations and other investigative services. Partner with Protus3 and we will examine each situation to identify threats and develop solutions for your best outcome. 919-834-8584 or 800-775-8584


Records Checks – House of Cards or Bricks?

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation

For companies that advertise nationwide records checks, are you getting a house of bricks or a house of cards? Do you remember that scene from My Cousin Vinny when Vinny talks about the prosecution’s case, bricks, and playing cards? “The DA’s going to build a case. Building a case is like building a house. Each piece of evidence is just …

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Matching Records – No Full Names Please

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation

We have a client (let’s call them Sub) who is obtaining criminal history information as part of their compliance to another company (let’s call them Prime). Prime states that Sub should “Provide a criminal record check with the applicant’s full legal name.” Sub contracted with RMA to provide that information. When we search, we don’t limit our results to the …

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Check Their References

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation

I was working on a background investigation for a client recently, and I was reminded of a valuable lesson. (By the way, names and identifying information have been edited in this story, but the circumstances and situations have not.) When we verify employment, normally companies only provide dates of employment and position held. Sometimes companies will tell you whether the …

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Front Page News for All the Wrong Reasons

Protus3 Background Investigation, Security Program Development, Workplace Violence

Over the last couple weeks we have had too many examples of workplace violence and the devastation and the long-term impact it has on the business and the community. As security consultants, we partner with clients to protect their assets, and two of the most critical assets that any company has are its people and its reputation/brand. With that said, …

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Yahoo Chief Executive Scott Thompson Steps Down

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation, Compliance, Fraud

Based on experience with some of our clients, there seems to be an assumption that applicants for C-level positions are somehow immune from falsifying information and are above reproach. The assumption seems to be that since an applicant has worked at “Alpha Company”, there is no need for “Beta Company” to do a thorough background investigation. The faulty logic is …

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Applicant Address Histories

Tasha Dyson, CFE Background Investigation

What’s wrong with this picture? The time the applicant spent in Tennessee. An employment application or resume from an applicant is a good place to start, but it should not be used as the sole source of information about the applicant’s previous locations. Relying solely on the information provided by the applicant can miss vital information about their suitability for …

Fine Tune Your Criminal Background Checks

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISP Background Investigation, News

Background screening is an essential tool in today’s business. Choosing the best candidate for the job requires due diligence on the part of management. An effective screening policy protects the business, its assets, and ultimately increases a positive return on the investment. We recommend a policy that is flexible but non-discriminatory because it aligns the scope with the position. The …