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Inaccuracies in Background Checks

Protus3 Background Investigation

AP IMPACT: When your criminal past isn’t yours Out of work two years, her unemployment benefits exhausted, in danger of losing her apartment, Casey applied for a job in the pharmacy of a Boston drugstore. She was offered $11 an hour. All she had to do was pass a background check. It turned up a 14-count criminal indictment. Kathleen Casey …

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Bill Booth Presents at Premise Liability Seminar

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Bill Booth presented Where Do I “Invest” in Security? Negligent Security and Premises Liability. The Premise Liability Seminar was produced in partnership with TriSure and was held at the Cardinal Club in Downtown Raleigh. Topics included securing and protecting assets, potential liabilities and foreseeable incidents, avoiding and preparing for litigation, and how to avoid punitive damages. TriSure was founded in …

RMA and Whitehurst Strategic Partners Present Webinar

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Risk Management Associates and Whitehurst Strategic Partners presented a joint webinar on Hiring the Right Person for Your Firm. Is our perception of an applicant really who they are? We find out by asking the correct compliant questions as a start. We must also structure our reference and background checks to reveal the truth and prepare us to make the …

Town of Wrightsville Beach Police Chief Background Investigations

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Risk Management Associates, Inc. conducted thorough and complete background investigations of the finalists for the Chief of Police of the Town of Wrightsville Beach. This types of investigation is not only a requirement for employment by the NC Criminal Justice Standards Commission, but a critical step in ensuring that the otherwise qualified candidate does not have something in his or …

Life Happens…Things Change

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John hired Cindy as a part-time receptionist for Acme, Inc. several years ago while she was still attending college. Acme has a policy that requires a pre-employment background investigation for candidates prior to extending an offer of employment. As part of the procedure, managers ask candidates to complete an application in addition to providing their resume. On the application, the …