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Items of Value in Cars – Asking for Trouble

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bag in carWhat concerns me is how individuals will leave GPS, phones, iPods, purses, money, and other items of value in their cars – in plain view. They may say, “well, I don’t have anything in my purse” or “my GPS is old.” Someone just walking by your car does not know that the purse may be empty or the GPS may not work – all they are thinking about is getting in, grabbing something, and getting out quickly!

Then the recovery process and headaches for the owner begin. The thief breaks the window to get in, steals something, and possibly does other damage to the vehicle. You have to call your insurance company, file a claim (your insurance may or may not go up), schedule to have repairs done to vehicle, take time to have your vehicle repaired, take time off work – not to mention all the headaches if a credit card was stolen. By just leaving something out where it can be easily seen, you are asking for trouble.

Remove all objects from view whenever you leave your vehicle. Always, always lock your doors – even in your own driveway. There have been so many break-ins while the vehicle is parked in someone’s driveway.

It’s sad that we have to live like this, but we all need to understand that things are different than years ago.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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