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Leaked Data and Targeted Attacks

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCEIntellectual Property

How can leaked data cause a targeted attack? Have you ever wondered why you got a suspicious email from a bank where you have an account? How about the emails about needing to change a password for a service? Let’s not forget the calls to your cell about your power being cut off or your computer being hacked. The information …

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Digital Delinquency: How to Respond to Employee Data Theft, Cyberbullying, and More

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCEComputer Forensics, Intellectual Property, Mobile Forensics, Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud

Employers today are armed with more technology than ever before—with state-of-the art tools that improve productivity, enhance communication, and ultimately help to boost our bottom lines. But the more we rely on digital tools to create, store, and share data, the more vulnerable we become to employee digital data theft. Similarly, digital methods of communication can often open the door …

Stop. Think. Connect.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – Week 4

Protus3Intellectual Property, News, Training

NCSAM Week 4 – Resources The National Cyber Security Alliance, the other STOP. THINK. CONNECT. ™ founding organizations and many of our partners have created resources, ranging from tip sheets to posters to videos and more, to help you stay safer and more secure online and better protect your personal information. All of these resources are free to use, download …

Stop. Think. Connect.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – Week 3

Protus3Intellectual Property, News, Training

Keep a Clean Machine A STOP.THINK.CONNECT. sub-campaign designed to help everyone understand the importance of protecting Internet-connected devices from malware and infections – especially malware that connects your devices with botnets. Keeping your Internet-connected devices free from malware and infections makes the Internet safer for you and more secure for everyone. The Keep a Clean Machine campaign is an ongoing …

Stop. Think. Connect.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – Week 2

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Own Your Online Presence A STOP.THINK.CONNECT. sub-campaign that inspires individuals to consider the privacy implications of their online actions, helping them to make informed decisions and better understand the choices and tools available to manage their privacy online. As our digital lives become more connected, it is increasingly important that we all protect our personal information and manage our privacy. …

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Is Your Customer Data Your Greatest Asset or Your Greatest Liability (or Both)?

Protus3Compliance, Computer Forensics, Electronic Data Recovery, Intellectual Property

This article about customer data was originally published by Matthew A. Cordell at Ward and Smith, P.A. Customer data can be a treasure trove for an organization. Many businesses believe customer and prospect data to be their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, some have discovered that, unless handled with care, it can also be their greatest liability. Organizations of all kinds …

Higher Education and National Security

Higher Education and National Security

Protus3Intellectual Property, News

The United States is a society of openness and freedom, values especially central to campuses of higher education. Foreign adversaries and competitors take advantage of that openness and have been doing so for many years. This white paper was prepared by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Unit to provide awareness to administrators, senior researchers, export control offices, and technology transfer …

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Companies Can be Liable for Failing to Maintain Adequate Cyber Security

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISPCompliance, Intellectual Property, News, Security Program Development

How much customer data do you have? Is it secure? If so, you should read High Stakes Cyber as published in Security Management. In brief, the FTC can hold companies liable for failing to maintain adequate cybersecurity, even though the commission has not defined minimum cybersecurity standards through rules or regulations. Even in this case, the court did not articulate …

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Security Suggestions – The Cloud and Your Data

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCEComputer Forensics, Electronic Data Recovery, Intellectual Property

I am often asked to discuss IT and data security as it relates to storing data on the Cloud. Nine out of ten times I am asked two inevitable questions: “What is the Cloud?” and “Where is the Cloud?”. Hopefully I will answer these questions as I discuss ways to keep your data secure on the Cloud. There are a …

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Legal Requirements as Mobile Devices Inundate Offices

Protus3Compliance, Computer Forensics, Crisis Management Planning, Electronic Data Recovery, Intellectual Property, Security Program Development

By Elizabeth Johnson Originally published in Business North Carolina’s Law Journal, May 2012 issue With 87% of employees confirming they use personal electronic devices for work, designing a workable “bring-your-own-device” program is probably overdue. BYOD is a tricky issue; 48% of companies claim they would never authorize employees to use personal devices for work, but 57% acknowledge that employees do …