Digital Message Resonance and Its Impact on Economic Advantage

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Using Social Media Monitoring and Analytics to Protect Human Capital, Company Property, and Your Brand Social Media is a relatively new term that has become ingrained in our consciousness and language, but do you know what it means or encompasses? If you answered no, then you are in the majority. Everyone talks about Social Media, but few really understand it. …

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US Cargo Theft – A Five‐Year Review

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Where are the vulnerabilities in the supply chain? When and where are goods the most at risk in during shipping? FreightWatch, a logistics security services company, analyzed five years of cargo theft statistics as a way to answer these questions. They produced a report that provides security and loss prevention personnel with information about trends in cargo theft, allowing companies …

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FedEx Settles Charges of Causing, Aiding and Abetting Unlicensed Exports

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In 2010, Michael R. Epperly, Esq. who heads RMA’s Corporate Compliance consulting arm, wrote an insightful article that addressed the corporate compliance challenges that American companies face in the global marketplace. Through his experience as legal counsel, investigator, and consultant he is acutely aware of the importance of a solid corporate compliance program to an organization and the penalties that …

Fine Tune Your Criminal Background Checks

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Background screening is an essential tool in today’s business. Choosing the best candidate for the job requires due diligence on the part of management. An effective screening policy protects the business, its assets, and ultimately increases a positive return on the investment. We recommend a policy that is flexible but non-discriminatory because it aligns the scope with the position. The …


Support the USO of North Carolina

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They need us. We need them. It’s that simple. This month, Risk Management Associates, Inc. is proud to be celebrating 24 years in the business of reducing crime, improving security, controlling access, and reducing controlable losses in both the public and private sectors. Keys to our success are simple and fall into four areas: The integrity and diverse security expertise …


Don’t Click that Link!

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NCMS (National Classification Management Society) is a society that provides training and guidance to private sector firms who are industrial contractors to the federal government on classified contracts. As a member of the national organization and the Carolinas Chapter, RMA has access to some excellent and timely training. “Don’t Click That Link!” came from another member and is a good …

Painful Lessons from Leland

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SBI investigates Leland’s former Asst. Town Manager Excerpts from article: Michelle Cox was hired by the Town of Leland in January, and left after about six months on the job. During that time she was the highest ranking female employee in Leland, and was assigned to investigate claims of sexual harassment filed by Officer Sherry Lewis. About the same time, …

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Protecting Competitive Intelligence

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As the holiday season approaches, Hollywood will begin to bombard us with movies that depict good looking men, beautiful women, and fancy cars or other electronics in romantic stories of intrigue and espionage. As Americans, we love these stories where the main characters wear beautiful clothes and against all odds, often times with cutting edge electronics or personality, save the …