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Security Concerns for Personal Devices in the Workplace (BYOD)

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCE Security Planning, Security Policy and Procedure Development, Uncategorized

We first addressed personal devices in the workplace back in 2018. That seems like such a long time ago now. With record numbers of employees now working from home due to COVID, how should we think about personal devices in the workplace? What are some of the security concerns that you should address? When work occurs on personal devices, how …

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Layered Security and COVID-19

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At Protus3, we take great pride in helping our clients identify risks and develop practical and sound strategies to manage, mitigate, and leverage those risks.  Usually those risks involve insider or outsider threats carried out by persons with nefarious intent. The threats come in various forms – overt and plainly visible (think intruder) or covert and not plainly evident (think …

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Five Keys to Mobile Phone Security

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Cell phones – specifically smartphones – have become ever present in our daily lives. For personal use, the smartphone contains contact information for family and friends, pictures, and other personal information. In the business environment, smartphones connect us to email servers, contain business contacts and documents, and connect us to company servers just to name a few. When you first …

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Recorded Video – There When You Need It

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Everyone knows that the electronic security world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. In regard to video systems, when the time lapse recorder came out it was the latest and greatest invention for recording video. Security Directors and their staff felt comfortable and were assured that video was being recorded on the tape if they saw the red …

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Protecting Competitive Intelligence

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As the holiday season approaches, Hollywood will begin to bombard us with movies that depict good looking men, beautiful women, and fancy cars or other electronics in romantic stories of intrigue and espionage. As Americans, we love these stories where the main characters wear beautiful clothes and against all odds, often times with cutting edge electronics or personality, save the …

Loose Lips Sink Ships

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The security manager receives a call from the front desk receptionist. She tells him that during lunch, the fill-in receptionist received a call from an individual who identified himself as a volunteer for Good Charity. The volunteer wanted to send an invitation for their annual fundraiser to the vice president, but he didn’t have the home address. He also asked …

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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  Thank goodness for small blessings and the lack of a traditional work week! Who hasn’t been affected by the economy of the last several years? If someone tells you they haven’t, then they are either fooling you or themselves. Every business has on some level been affected, and this is evident on many levels. We all know that companies …

Crime in decline, but why?

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We read an interesting article by Miguel Llanos, a reporter for “Crime in decline, but why? Low inflation among theories” was published on 9/19/2011. Statistics released by the FBI showed that violent crime and property crimes were declining in 2010. Is this a figment of manipulation within the reporting of crime? Is it attributable to an aging U.S. population …

Safety Versus Security

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It is easy to think of safety and security as synonymous terms, but are they really? The confusion is in understanding their differences. In both cases, we are talking about something that could cause harm to another person, many persons, or property. The difference between safety and security is the intent to do harm. If there is water on the …