Christine Peterson

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISP


Board Secretary
Former President
Security Professional since 1991

Place of Birth: Bethesda, Maryland

Education and Experience: Graduated summa cum laude from Campbell University

Certifications: Certified Protection Professional (CPP) – Board Certified by ASIS International. Industrial Security Professional (ISP) – Board Certified by National Classification Management Society.

Affiliations: ASIS International, National Classification Management Society, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Cary Chamber of Commerce, Raleigh Metro SHRM, RTP CFO Forum

Board Affiliations: Triangle Family Services – 2014-2018 Board of Directors – former Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Gingerbread Benefit Co-Chairman 2014, 2013. Current member of the Triangle Family Services Board of Advisors. RTP CFO Forum – member of the Board of Directors 2013 to 2018. Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce – 2018-2019 Executive Committee and member of the Board of Directors 2018-2021. ASIS International – past Women in Security Liaison, Region 14 Assistant Regional Vice President, Chapter Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Scholarships and Awards Chair – ASIS Chapter 119. National Classification Management Society – former Ad Hoc Committee, Secretary, and Treasurer. Past member of the Wake STEM High School Board of Advisors and Meredith College School of Business Advisory Board.

What are some notable or memorable projects? We were hired by a community college system to do a security assessment of their entire system including 14 regions and over 21 distinct campuses. We put five teams on the ground to do the interviews, site reviews, and light surveys. This project was particularly interesting in that we were assessing a statewide community college system working to meet the needs of a very diverse customer base in an area that has been heavily challenged by a downturn in the economy. The campuses are located in urban areas within large cities, in far reaching rural areas, and everywhere in between. This project was a good example that there is no “one size fits all” security program but that a comprehensive security philosophy can be adapted effectively over multiple sites within an organization. Awareness and training programs, minimum standards and specifications, and policies and procedures were developed system wide which formed the framework for the on-going security program. Site specific security protocols were tailored based on location, population, and other risk factors. This allowed the statewide community college system to centralize processes where possible, develop security standards for the deployment of security technology, and deploy security assets in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

What do you enjoy most about your role in security? The thing I enjoy most about my role in security is the ability to partner with businesses to build a culture of protection. Culture is the foundational internal control of any organization and businesses that build a culture of protection are more successful. A company cannot stay in business very long if they are not profitable. When you can help clients see that security programs are the framework for their organization’s stability and prosperity, it is very gratifying. We work with clients to connect the dots so that they can efficiently and effectively know where they are most vulnerable and how to manage the threats that are most likely to adversely affect their reputation and bottom line. Too many organizations think that security technology is the answer without realizing that it takes a whole company approach that integrates the people, processes, and technology working together to meet the collective objectives. We are vendor agnostic, so we are not out to sell a customer our technology. That is a deliberate choice because we believe that our clients will get the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience without having to worry that we are making self-serving recommendations. The best part of my job is to see clients succeed and prosper.

Christine L. Peterson

CEO Of The Year & C-Suite Awards

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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