Marty McClanahan

Marty McClanahan

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Senior Security Consultant
Corporate Security and IT Professional Since 1995

Place of Birth: Virginia

Education and Experience: Bachelor of Science (BS), Virginia Tech, Accounting, Information Systems.

Personal Interests: cars, target shooting, and fly fishing

Certifications: Genetec Technical Certified

Affiliations: Member of ASIS International, ISMA, and InfraGard

What are some notable or memorable projects? For multiple years, I oversaw the Quintiles (now IQVIA) global security system platform for all key offices. During that time, I was involved with many global real estate projects - new office builds, office expansions, decommissions, and overall conversions both international and domestic. This opportunity allowed me to gain a better understanding and develop better methods of communication and project leadership during international projects where barriers such as local language, time zone, regional operational difference, and cultures could impact project operations. Secondly, implementing the multiple security measures and security system design for Hawaii’s Light Rail Transit Project for Phase 1 was a fantastic opportunity. First, it required being located in Oahu, Hawaii, for almost a year. This really allowed me to explore this normal vacation destination much more than the average individual. I also was blessed with the opportunity to meet, learn, share items with the local people, and gain an understanding and respect for their culture and history.

What do you enjoy most about your role in security? I enjoy helping people and/or companies understand their specific security needs and assist with identification of security risks. I also enjoy providing several options for reducing and/or addressing those risks.

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