Billy Green

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS


Advising Consultant
Law Enforcement and Security Professional since 1967

Place of Birth: Raleigh, North Carolina

Education and Experience: Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Business Administration, North Carolina State University. Master of Education, Adult and Community College Education, North Carolina State University. Post Graduate Studies, Training and Development, North Carolina State University. Raleigh Police, SBI and FBI National Academies. Former Patrolman with the Raleigh Police Department. Former Special Agent, NCSBI, criminal investigator, intelligence analyst, bomb disposal technician, tactical team sniper and breacher, Supervisor of the SBI Training Division, electronic intelligence and counterintelligence operator, protection agent and security planner.

Certifications: Certified Protection Professional – Board Certified by ASIS International. Certified in Homeland Security Level III (ACFEI).

Affiliations: American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (Charter Member). Society of Former Special Agents of the NC SBI. Phi Kappa Phi. National Rifle Association (Life Member). Friends of the NC Maritime Museum (Beaufort).

What do you enjoy most about your role in security? I was a Boy Scout. I learned life-long skills and attitudes in Boy Scouting, one of which is “Be Prepared.” This served me well as a career law enforcement officer and I think it has continued into my second career in security consulting. In his outstanding essay titled On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, Col. Dave Grossman (US Army Ranger and psychology professor at West Point) defines society as being made up of these three types of people. I identify with the “Sheepdogs.” I like to think through threats that face us as individuals and companies, define practical countermeasures to confront these threats, and plan actions that may be required if the preventative countermeasures do not work, always “preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.” I get great personal gratification and satisfaction from doing what I can to protect the flock from the wolves.

What is your greatest security concern? The basic principle of CPTED is ‘defensible space.’ This is the same as the basic premise of political sovereignty, that of defined borders. Both correlate with the basic animal and human instinct of territoriality. Subsequently, I consider defined, enforceable perimeters and associated access control to be fundamental to general security and my greatest concern. Controlling people, admitting the authorized and excluding the unauthorized, is more necessary than ever. Whether we are talking about pilfering of laptops by uncontrolled visitors, homicidal assault in a workplace, a domestic violence incident, or terrorists placing an explosive, chemical or biological device, effective control of people at the boundaries is the most fundamental countermeasure.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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