Security Design

The Death of Picture Perfect™

Jerry T. Blanchard, Jr., CPPSecurity Program Development

Picture Perfect™, one of the most powerful, proven and widely deployed security management systems in the world is being absorbed by the competition. We all saw it coming, with the acquisition of GE Security by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and now the “end of support” looming toward the end of 2015. It sounds like a long time, but to transition …


Maintaining Security Management Systems

Protus3Security System Lifespan Management, Security System Testing and Commissioning

It is not a secret that most departments within corporations and governments including local, state, and federal have been asked to reduce their budgets by a certain percentage every year since the economy took a turn for the worse. This has been a challenge – especially for security departments. How do you maintain the level of security needed today with …

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Recorded Video – There When You Need It

Protus3Security System Design Development

Everyone knows that the electronic security world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. In regard to video systems, when the time lapse recorder came out it was the latest and greatest invention for recording video. Security Directors and their staff felt comfortable and were assured that video was being recorded on the tape if they saw the red …

Practical Considerations for Blast Mitigation

Protus3Security Program Development

We were recently asked by a client to provide information on how they should protect their facility from potential vehicle-born improvised explosive devices. Although this information was written specifically for an educational facility, the principles of how and when to apply blast mitigation procedures and protocols are appropriate for a variety of other companies and organizations as well.

How to Choose an Integrator

Protus3Security System Bid Process and Evaluation, Security System Design Development

A key component to choosing an appropriate security system is a vulnerability assessment or a security threat analysis of a facility. Once an organization’s security needs have been determined, an appropriate security system can be designed to meet those needs. Critically important to the success of these projects is the choice of a qualified systems integrator to install the necessary …