How to Choose an Integrator

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A key component to choosing an appropriate security system is a vulnerability assessment or a security threat analysis of a facility. Once an organization’s security needs have been determined, an appropriate security system can be designed to meet those needs. Critically important to the success of these projects is the choice of a qualified systems integrator to install the necessary components and maintain the system in the future. Whether this process is managed by in-house personnel or a qualified outside consultant, the qualifications of system integrators should be carefully evaluated.

When evaluating integrators on behalf of our clients, these are some of the key factors considered by RMA. The following information should be required at a minimum, although certain organizations or projects may have more stringent requirements.

  • How many years has the company been in business? What is their history and length of service providing and installing certified applications?
  • Does the company possess all of the pertinent licenses that are required to do business in the state in which the work is to be performed? If required, does the company possess a low voltage license and/or alarm system licensing?
  • Have any complaints about the organization been filed with the local or state Better Business Bureau or similar organization? If so, what were the circumstances?
  • Is the company financially stable? Require financial information for past the two years, if available.
  • What are the labor rates of the company? How do they compare with similar companies?
  • What certifications and training does the staff possess? Require resumes of key employees and inquire about the technical capabilities of the staff, including computer, network, and other technical certifications on specific product lines and applications. How are these certifications obtained, and are they current?
  • Does the integrator perform all of their own work or do they utilize subcontractors? If subcontractors are used, what percentage of the work do they perform? Require a supervisor from the security integrator to be on site when the subcontractors are working.
  • Require references of clients with systems and/or services similar to those that you are requesting. Contact the references and ask if they would be willing to allow you to visit the site and view the installation performed by the integrator.
  • Who provides the service work after the sale and installation? Does the integrator have a dedicated service team? Inquire about service after the sale, including hours of operation and response times.
  • Require the integrator to provide examples of design/engineering documents, As-Built documents, and preventative maintenance schedules and scope of work.

Before any actual agreement is signed, ask to meet the Project Manager and inform him or her of your expectations. As when interviewing a potential employee, the right questions are crucial to obtaining useful answers.

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