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Commissioning: Last But Not Least

Protus3Security System Testing and Commissioning

When investing in an electronic security system, the process is generally the same. Systems are evaluated, designed, installed, programmed, and then turned over to the end user customer. Sound about right? In some instances, owners often overlook the final step – system commissioning. What is commissioning? The basic definition of commissioning is reviewing and testing the systems to verify they …

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Why should you have security standards?

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Program Development, Security System Design Development, Security System Lifespan Management

Although this article was written for the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security (IAHSS), these concepts apply to almost any organization. To put it simply, if you have security technology, you should have security standards. If you’re a member of IAHSS, you can access the entire original article here. Have you ever seen a situation where there seems no …

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Seeing Security

Protus3Security System Design Development

This post was prompted by an initial project meeting and an annual tradition of watching a favorite movie around Christmas. During an initial project meeting, right after introductions, the Architect made a request. The Architect stated that the Client wanted all security devices to be invisible. In a previous conversation, I heard some examples of the measures to conceal devices. …

Technical Assessments - Standards

Technical Assessments – Standards

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Assessment, Security Master Planning, Security System Lifespan Management

Our first post reviewed enclosure conditions and installation practices found in technical assessments.  We then discussed the importance of the appropriate installation and conditions of field devices. In this third installment, we are going to discuss one of the best ways to avoid the conditions previously discussed. It’s also how to begin cleaning up the messes that you do find. …

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Technical Assessments – Field Devices

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Assessment, Security System Lifespan Management

In this second installment, we will be looking at field devices. This information comes from practices we have found when conducting a technical assessment. Multiple hardware components make up a security system. The term “head-end” equipment often refers to the server-based computers, client monitoring stations, and security panels. The “head-end” hardware devices communicate with the “field devices” of a particular …

Technical Assessments – Installation and Maintenance Issues

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Assessment, Security System Lifespan Management

This is the first of three blogs concerning the installation and maintenance practices we have found when conducting technical assessments. There are three principal parts of an integrated security plan: people, processes, and technology. As a result, each of these components serves to augment the effectiveness of the other. Looking at technology, there are dozens of electronic security management systems …

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Do Your Homework before Moving to Smart Cards

Protus3Security System Design Development

First, let’s talk about the cards. There are a number of different types and uses for smart card technology. One of the most common is that of a banking-type card where the actual chip is visible. Think about your new debit card. When used, the chip makes contact within the device reading the information. This is a contact type card. …

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It’s Beautiful, But Is It Secure?

Protus3Security System Design Development

Designing and specifying locking hardware for access control type doors has always been a challenge. In most cases interior doors – typically wood or hollow metal – can be equipped with an electric mortise or electric cylindrical lock. Exterior doors with mullions or store fronts are normally equipped with electrified panic devices, either rim style or vertical rods. Both of …

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Installation and Neatness, It Does Matter

Protus3Security System Lifespan Management, Security System Testing and Commissioning

I have been in this business for over 30 years, and I am still surprised sometimes at what we find when we are asked to perform an assessment of a security system. The picture is a great example of what not to do, however there are companies out there that continue to install systems this way. I am not exactly …

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System Commissioning and Integrated Security Systems

Protus3Security Program Development, Security System Testing and Commissioning

As integrated security systems become more prevalent within the corporate, healthcare and government industries, security directors and mangers rely more heavily on their security integrator to verify that all systems work together properly, seamlessly, and as designed. Once an installation has been completed by the integration company, it is recommended that a third-party commission the entire system. This step is …