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Commissioning: Last But Not Least

Protus3Security System Testing and Commissioning

When investing in an electronic security system, the process is generally the same. Systems are evaluated, designed, installed, programmed, and then turned over to the end user customer. Sound about right? In some instances, owners often overlook the final step – system commissioning. What is commissioning? The basic definition of commissioning is reviewing and testing the systems to verify they …


Video Management Optimization with IP Cameras and Video Settings

Protus3Security System Lifespan Management, Security System Testing and Commissioning

The Problem Recently, one of our clients with a very large video management system (VMS) noticed they were not getting a full 30 days of online video storage from a particular security camera video server that they recently installed. This client has multiple servers spread throughout multiple facilities. The majority of the other servers were performing well and were obtaining …

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Physical Security for Data Centers

Emily SchackSecurity Assessment, Security Program Development, Security System Bid Process and Evaluation, Security System Design Development, Security System Testing and Commissioning

It’s no surprise that data centers are popping up everywhere, considering the growing need for cloud computing. Data centers offer services that allow you to store data on their servers. IT spends a lot of time securing these high-volume installation networks from attacks. It is important to you that your data center’s network security stays secure. But how important is …

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Installation and Neatness, It Does Matter

Protus3Security System Lifespan Management, Security System Testing and Commissioning

I have been in this business for over 30 years, and I am still surprised sometimes at what we find when we are asked to perform an assessment of a security system. The picture is a great example of what not to do, however there are companies out there that continue to install systems this way. I am not exactly …

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System Commissioning and Integrated Security Systems

Protus3Security Program Development, Security System Testing and Commissioning

As integrated security systems become more prevalent within the corporate, healthcare and government industries, security directors and mangers rely more heavily on their security integrator to verify that all systems work together properly, seamlessly, and as designed. Once an installation has been completed by the integration company, it is recommended that a third-party commission the entire system. This step is …


Maintaining Security Management Systems

Protus3Security System Lifespan Management, Security System Testing and Commissioning

It is not a secret that most departments within corporations and governments including local, state, and federal have been asked to reduce their budgets by a certain percentage every year since the economy took a turn for the worse. This has been a challenge – especially for security departments. How do you maintain the level of security needed today with …