Technical Assessments - Standards

Technical Assessments – Standards

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSPSecurity Assessment, Security Master Planning, Security System Lifespan Management

standards documentOur first post reviewed enclosure conditions and installation practices found in technical assessments.  We then discussed the importance of the appropriate installation and conditions of field devices.

In this third installment, we are going to discuss one of the best ways to avoid the conditions previously discussed. It’s also how to begin cleaning up the messes that you do find.

Security Design and Installation Standards provide guidance for designing Electronic Security Systems in support of a physical security program. These Standards are one of many measures to consider when addressing the physical security of a facility. They provide uniformity and consistency in the design across locations.  An Installation Standards document provides guidance to those tasked with implementing existing and emerging physical protection system requirements for the protection of your assets.

The design of physical security measures is a specialized technical area. It isn’t always part of the normal skill and resume of architects, engineers, and project managers.

Best Practices

Consider the Standards document as a “living” document. As technologies change and upgrades occur, change the Standards Document as well. A well thought out Standards document provides the reasoning behind decisions made during the design phase of a project. This also deters haphazard installations. The Standards document should be written in such a way that architects and engineers can use the document to budget and initiate the formal design process of electronic security systems for each construction and renovation project. It will also allow for more consistent budget numbers from your integrator as they will know exactly what hardware you require to follow as well.

With sometimes dozens of physical devices (cameras, card readers, duress alarms, intercoms and peripheral devices) companies must have a clear and organized process to assure all devices are working properly. Security Design and Installation Standards inherently provide the foundation for this to occur.

An in-depth assessment that physically tests every device and confirms functionality is essential.

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