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System Commissioning and Integrated Security Systems

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bad installation practicesAs integrated security systems become more prevalent within the corporate, healthcare and government industries, security directors and mangers rely more heavily on their security integrator to verify that all systems work together properly, seamlessly, and as designed. Once an installation has been completed by the integration company, it is recommended that a third-party commission the entire system. This step is often overlooked for a variety of reasons.

Unless an event takes place that is not recorded or alarm is not generated properly, you may never know if the systems are working as they should.

Security system commissioning should be standard practice – just as it is standard practice for the local fire marshal to test fire alarm systems.

Each point and sequence of operation should be tested and verified that they are operating as designed and as expected. Upon conclusion of the commissioning, a final report should be developed from the testing agency and turned over to the owner.

Testing should include features of the system that are not currently being used, since they may be used in the future. You want to make sure that everything is completely operational before you release your security integrator.



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