Security Guard Drawing his Weapon

Armed Versus Unarmed Security Officers

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS Security Program Development

The human component of an integrated security plan can be in one or more of several forms. These forms become choices that need to be addressed depending on the mission, environment, culture, population, and security philosophy of the organization and specifically the site to be protected. In this context, the term “armed” is intended to mean “equipped with firearms and …

installation problems

System Commissioning and Integrated Security Systems

Protus3 Security Program Development, Security System Testing and Commissioning

As integrated security systems become more prevalent within the corporate, healthcare and government industries, security directors and mangers rely more heavily on their security integrator to verify that all systems work together properly, seamlessly, and as designed. Once an installation has been completed by the integration company, it is recommended that a third-party commission the entire system. This step is …

Security Design

The Death of Picture Perfect™

Jerry T. Blanchard, Jr., CPP Security Program Development

Picture Perfect™, one of the most powerful, proven and widely deployed security management systems in the world is being absorbed by the competition. We all saw it coming, with the acquisition of GE Security by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and now the “end of support” looming toward the end of 2015. It sounds like a long time, but to transition …

border security

Eye Scanners at England Airports Turned Off

Protus3 News

Many companies or organizations assume that the addition of technology can be the single solution to a security concern. Companies and organizations depend upon these technologies only to find out later, and after considerable expense, that the technology may not be all it was presented to be. It is always important to remember that the technology is only as good …


‘Dirty Dozen’ Unsecured Smartphones

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS News, Security Program Development

On November 21, 2011, Bit9 released its ‘Dirty Dozen’ of unsecured smartphones for 2011. The following is an excerpt of that news release: New Report on Most Vulnerable Mobile Platforms Reveals Orphaned Android Phones Pose Serious Risk to Privacy and Security… 11.21.11 – Waltham, Mass. – Bit9, the market leader in advanced threat protection and server security software, today published …

Practical Considerations for Blast Mitigation

Protus3 Security Program Development

We were recently asked by a client to provide information on how they should protect their facility from potential vehicle-born improvised explosive devices. Although this information was written specifically for an educational facility, the principles of how and when to apply blast mitigation procedures and protocols are appropriate for a variety of other companies and organizations as well.

How to Choose an Integrator

Protus3 Security System Bid Process and Evaluation, Security System Design Development

A key component to choosing an appropriate security system is a vulnerability assessment or a security threat analysis of a facility. Once an organization’s security needs have been determined, an appropriate security system can be designed to meet those needs. Critically important to the success of these projects is the choice of a qualified systems integrator to install the necessary …

Creating a Master Plan

Protus3 Security Program Development

The process of developing a Master Security Plan begins with and has its foundation in the information, outcomes and recommendations of the assessment activities. Creating an integrated security plan to guide a security program is rooted in the existing organization, policies and procedures, culture and characteristics of the population. Each of these is surveyed and determined during the security survey/vulnerability …