Wake STEM Early College High School at Protus3

Wake STEM Early College High School at Protus3

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Protus3 was excited to invite four students from the Wake STEM Early College High School into the office for a day of Job Shadowing. This is one of the best ways to learn and gain experience all while making connections with professionals. The students were specifically interested in Forensic Science, IT Technology, Cyber Security, and Criminal Investigating. Our experts showed …

HPG Employee Theft Article

From HPG – Guard against Losses from Employee Theft

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Employee theft costs companies billions of dollars a year. This poses a very serious threat to profitability if left unchecked. Therefore, every business needs to set up some internal controls to thwart this type of fraud. This article from Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP entitled “Guard against Losses from Employee Theft” looks at a few simple steps to take that …

The Cost of Security

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The former director of a North Carolina Central University program designed to help minority students used an unauthorized bank account to divert more than $1 million from the program over six years, according to a state audit (WRAL News Story). What can we learn from this story? It’s usually easier and cheaper for companies and organizations to be proactive rather …

Pre-employment Background Investigations

Protus3 Background Investigation

Why did the chicken cross the road? You know the rhetorical question and the answer: to get to the other side. But would the chicken cross a six-lane highway during rush hour traffic with his eyes closed? I think not; chickens are smarter than that. I use that old joke to illustrate the dangers and risks some companies assume if …

Products for Sale

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An employee comes to you and tells you that her uncle bought some of your company’s products at a very good price. The employee asks how he could make the purchase at less than the employee discount. That afternoon, you receive a call from the local police department. They report that some of your company’s products have been spotted at …