The Dark Parking Lot

Protus3Security Assessment


I went to a local big box store and pulled into the parking lot at about 6:30pm – not too late in the evening but after dark in the winter. As I was parking I received a phone call, so I sat in my car to complete the call. While on the phone it occurred to me how dark the parking lot was. They had a few lights, but clearly not enough.

As I sat there, I started to get that feeling that something was just not right about this. There was nothing obviously wrong, but I felt uncomfortable. So I left and went to another store where the parking lot has plenty of lights and I had a much safer feeling.

There are two points to this story. First, crimes happen in the dark. I want to see, and I want to be seen. If there’s not enough light, I’m going somewhere else. Second, always listen to that inner voice. It’s there for a reason. You may not know why you have a “feeling”, but you should always listen.



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