There is no substitute for a site visit

Protus3Security Assessment

We recently were asked to evaluate the security of a facility where a nighttime injury occurred in a parking deck. Upon preliminary review after receiving the information and photos, no real problems were noted. The facility looked well-kept, and reports were that their security was reasonable and up-to-date. The client was advised that a “long-distance’” review would frequently overlook critical areas. The client agreed to a site visit by RMA.

During the site visit, we examined the entire facility, including that upper level section of the parking deck where the injury had occurred. Although the facility had up to four roving security patrols at a time, they were never observed entering the upper level of this deck during the day-long site visit. They were seen multiple times in an adjacent deck. Although the upper level deck had light fixtures, about one-third were broken or otherwise inoperative and the overall level of lighting measured far below accepted standards. The deck was so dark that the end of the deck could not be seen when standing at the entrance to the facility.

From an outside examination, it had appeared that the facility was practicing reasonable security. Once we were on location, however, the situation was actually much different. This scenario has been experienced over and over again by RMA consultants. What one believes to be the existing conditions and what the conditions are when examined are often drastically different. There is no substitute for a site visit.

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