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Physical Security for Data Centers

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It’s no surprise that data centers are popping up everywhere, considering the growing need for cloud computing. Data centers offer services that allow you to store data on their servers. IT spends a lot of time securing these high-volume installation networks from attacks. It is important to you that your data center’s network security stays secure. But how important is …


Hotel Locks

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Most hotel locks use a card rather than a key, and in recent months this is presenting a big problem. A low-cost piece of hardware called a microcontroller can make for a simple hack and easy burglary with no signs of forced door or picked lock. See the story here. The up side for hotels to use keycards instead of …

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Intruder in the Attic

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The original news story can be found here. An ex-boyfriend from twelve years ago came back to haunt a woman – literally. A single mother of five children in Rock Hill, South Carolina, thought an animal had gotten into her attic when she heard a thump and then saw some nails popping out from her bedroom ceiling one night. Her …