Probability and Criticality

William F. Booth, CPPSecurity Assessment, Security Master Planning, Security Program Development

When evaluating what security concern to address first, where do you begin? Consider the probability and criticality of an event, and assign values based on standard criteria. Probability 5 Almost certain. Barring major changes in circumstances, this event will occur or will occur frequently compared to other events. Or, historically, an event of this type has already occurred. 4 Very …

Premises Liability

Protus3Security Assessment, Security Master Planning

Premises liability lawsuits can range from litigation as pedestrian as a case resulting from a purse snatching in a big box parking lot to something as grave and high profile as the 1974 suit brought against a hotel after the rape of singer Connie Francis. Whatever the degree of seriousness, it is clear that premises liability lawsuits have evolved over …

What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design?

Protus3Security Assessment, Security Master Planning

We recently had the opportunity to create a guide and reference for property owners and community stakeholders to use as an aid in understanding the concepts and strategies that can be used to improve security and the quality of life in their neighborhoods. During that process, we researched the concept of CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, an approach that …