Red Dart 2016

RED DART Exposes Grim Facts

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Red Dart 2016On September 21, 2016, Russell Gilmore and Christine Peterson attended the third annual Security Summit put on by the NCMS Carolina Chapter and RED DART. Keynote speakers at this event included Secretary Frank Perry, NC Department of Public Safety, Michael J. “Mike” Rogers, CNN National Security Commentator and former U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 8th congressional district, and Frank W. Abagnale, forgery, embezzlement, and secure document subject matter specialist and the “real life” person that the movie Catch Me If You Can was based on.

The gaps and vulnerabilities in our global marketplace were discussed. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that most companies cannot maintain the same growth in security tactics. Nor can law enforcement make laws and policies at this speed. The greatest cause for these vulnerabilities is human error. Because of these deficiencies, the National Classification Management Society (NCMS) and RED DART use their collaborative efforts to work with businesses to help protect themselves. Protus3 continues to stay current on the vulnerabilities and also the opportunities to combat them.

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