Julie Jones

Race and Ethnicity

Tasha Dyson, CFEBackground Investigation

Julie Jones

Why do we ask for race/ethnicity on background investigation request forms?

Because all of these women are Julie Jones.

Which one is applying for a job at your company? You may have seen them in person, but the person conducting the background investigation has not.

When obtaining a criminal record in North Carolina, for example, results often look like this:

JONES,JULIE HF01211988 RALEIGH NC 910 11CR000000 T I P
JONES,JULIE AF01211988 CARY NC 910 10CR000000 F P
JONES,JULIE BF01211988 APEX NC 910 09CR000000 T D
JONES,JULIE WF01211988 GARNER NC 910 08CR000000 M D

There is no middle initial, and all have a date of birth that matches the applicant.

Is your applicant the one with the traffic violation or the pending felony?

Background investigation companies, including RMA, use race or ethnicity as one way to properly identify the subject of the investigation. Without this key piece of information, it is more difficult for investigators to accurately determine which records belong and which records do not belong to an individual.

It’s not discrimination – it’s differentiation.

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