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Weather-Related emergencies

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHSNews, Security Program Development

snow in RaleighWeather-related emergencies create an operational environment in which the security department may have to stand alone for minutes, hours, or days without significant assistance from outside agencies. Although relatively localized on a broad geographic scale, a weather emergency may affect everyone and everything in a specific area. The scope of such disasters often overwhelms public safety response for hours or days, and in some cases, has actually destroyed the public safety response infrastructure completely. The practical issue of physical response by both public sector and contractor services may be impossible due to the devastation or much delayed due to overwhelming demand from the entire community.

Typically, security and emergency planning for a specific facility is based on the prospect of receiving outside emergency assistance for police, fire and medical services almost immediately. It is taken for granted that contract services for electrical, IT support, damage control and repairs and the supplies and materials for overhaul will be available in the immediate term.

Recognizing the devastating potential of weather-related emergencies and understanding the unique response and recovery environment that might confront the security organization is the first step in planning for and integrating this challenge into the general security and emergency response plan. This involves planning for power outages, stockpiling critical supplies, arranging for additional security support and predicting the operational needs of the security effort and identifying sources to supply these needs during disaster conditions.

When security is needed the most, it may be the most difficult to provide the services. Good planning can help minimize the impact on the facility and aid in the more rapid return to normal operations. Being prepared to stand alone in a disaster will preserve the security envelope when no other help is at hand.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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