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FBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Digital Defense Against Travel Scams

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCEComputer Forensics, Electronic Data Recovery, Mobile Forensics, News, Security Program Development, Training

FBI logoThe FBI investigates many categories of crimes including travel scams. As a result, they receive many tips that can be beneficial to the public when passed along. I am glad that the FBI has increased the process of alerting and educating the public about certain security issues.

This is most evident as it relates to internet and computer security. Most recently, the Portland Division of the FBI published a New Brief Regarding Travel Scams. The information in this article is not revolutionary, but I always feel we could use a good refresher when it comes to the same old scams with a different twist. You probably know some of these tips already.

Above all, remember that if it is too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

You can read FBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Digital Defense Against Travel Scams here.

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