suspicious bag

See Something. Say Something. Then What?


suspicious bagWe all have heard at one time or another “If you see something say something.” It’s a way for the public to observe and report suspicious activity that may be an indicator of recent crimes or future crimes.

The opportunity came for me to say something at a fast food restaurant in a busy section of town. While pulling into a parking space, I noticed a backpack propped up on the curb. I didn’t see anyone nearby, but just in case the person came back, I moved to a different spot across the lot.

I entered the establishment, and after quite a wait placed my order. While at the drink dispenser, I noticed that the backpack was still there outside. Not wanting to cause a big stir, I quietly got the attention of a staff member who appeared to a manager.

I made sure no other customers were close to hear. I told her with everything going on around the world today, I thought I would point out the backpack and reminded her of the “see something say something” phrase. She acknowledged that she had seen the backpack sitting there all day and didn’t know anything about it.

I was hoping at that point they would take this a little more seriously and maybe call law enforcement. That didn’t happen.

While sitting in the restaurant as far away as possible from this suspicious package outside, I looked up. The manager apparently had sent an employee outside to pick up this backpack. When they brought it inside, they placed it directly behind the counter, close to where I was sitting. I quickly finished lunch and departed.

Now, since nothing happened that was news worthy, apparently the bag was harmless. But how do you know that? Anything can happen anywhere at any time and we all must be vigilant of that.

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