Jerry Blanchard

Jerry T. Blanchard, CPP


President and CEO
Security Professional since 1988

Education and Experience: Bachelors Degree with majors in Accounting and Business Administration, North Carolina Wesleyan College. Four years of active duty military service.

Certifications: Certified Protection Professional – Board Certified by ASIS International. Licensed Counterintelligence Service Trainee in North Carolina. Licensed Private Investigator Associate in North Carolina.

Affiliations: Member of ASIS International.

What do you enjoy most about your role in security? The role of consultant allows me to experience a wider range of corporate and government environments than would be possible working for a single entity. I enjoy being able to take that experience and knowledge and apply it to security challenges faced by others. Although I am fortunate to have a broad security background, I am humbled by the evolution and vastness of the security industry. In almost every new project or case, I learn something new that I can share with new and existing customers. I enjoy helping others solve their security challenges.

What do you see as a future, emerging trend in security? The evolution of the security industry will continue forever. As we speak, terrorist, criminals, and hackers are trying to defeat or circumvent the present day security systems and operations currently in place. This cat and mouse game has been played since time began, and we should never let our guard down or think that it will stop. Although I am a person that generally believes in the “good” of mankind, I understand that not all men are good. Accepting this fact, the security industry must remain diligent in the development of technology, systems and countermeasures that stay at least one step ahead of the nefarious elements.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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