BUSINESS BACKGROUND CHECKS & INVESTIGATIONS: Our trained investigators review every detail to inform your hiring decisions.

Hiring the right talent is no easy feat in today’s competitive marketplace. Candidates often falsify and omit information such as past jobs, address history, and academic credentials. Automated business background checks do not always provide a reliable means of determining the truth. More extensive business background investigations are often needed to uncover as much as possible.

Over the past decade, numerous companies have sprung up, offering nearly instantaneous “nationwide background check” services for a moderate fee. Business background check investigations and reports that you can purchase from automated services are at best incomplete – and you might even end up looking at the wrong person’s records. Retrieving a comprehensive business background check, investigation, and report of a candidate’s past history requires trained expertise and diligent work. While it may sound nice to think that you can instantly pull up a complete history on an applicant with a few clicks of the mouse, that’s not how it works in reality. This is why any report that you can retrieve “instantly” is - at best - incomplete.

What kind of business background checks & investigations do I need?

We conduct a wide variety of business background checks and investigations for a lot of different reasons. Our most common background investigation is a pre-employment background investigation.

If you're hiring someone, you want to make sure that you know as much about them as possible before you bring them on board. The most common question we always get is "What do I need for a good pre-employment background investigation?"

OUR business BACKGROUND checks & INVESTIGATIONS INCLUDE an individual search of every jurisdiction where an applicant has lived or worked.

Protus3 provides thorough and detailed background investigations to companies and organizations in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC and beyond – performing an individual search of every jurisdiction where an applicant has lived or worked.

We know how to uncover what a potential employee may be attempting to hide from you. Our experienced team is familiar with the reporting requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Each report on a candidate includes only the information that is legal for employers to consider. This helps to protect you against claims of discrimination or unlawful hiring practices. Our team digs deep into the past history of every potential employee before you hire them.

What information is included in a good, general background investigation?

  • Verification of Social Security number and address history
  • Criminal record search in all locations of residence for the past ten years
  • Verification of past employment and employment references
  • Interviews of listed personal references
  • Federal records search (criminal, civil, bankruptcy, and appellate)

Additional searches should be conducted based on the position or type of job

  • Verification of highest point of education
  • Driving record
  • Credit report
  • National Sex Offender Registry check

The process begins with the employment application, resume, and signed release form. An initial report is typically provided within three business days, depending on the information requested.



SSN Trace and Address History

Provides a list of current and previous addresses associated with the candidate that may be used as part of other record searches.

Criminal Record Search

Finds felonies, misdemeanors, and certain past infractions based on previous addresses.

National Sex Offender Search

Identifies registered sex offenders through a state and nationwide record review.

Federal Records

Provides information about cases in federal court as opposed to cases in municipal, county, or state court. Includes bankruptcy, civil, criminal, and appellate cases.

Education Verification

Determines the attainment of a degree, certificate, or diploma. Also determines dates of enrollment if no degree was obtained.

Employment Verification

Confirms employers, dates of employment, and position held. May also include rehire status, reason for leaving, and salary information, if available.

Reference Interviews

Provides information about the candidate’s work ethic, demeanor, and behavior. Can include personal or professional references listed on the application or resume as well as other references identified by the investigator.

Driving Record

Determines potential employee risk based on DUI convictions, accident reports, and driver’s license status history.

Employment Credit Report

Determines the fiscal responsibility of the candidate based on credit standing. Report does not include a credit score.

Professional License Verification

Determines if the candidate’s professional license is valid, current, and in good standing.

Internet and Social Media Audit

Attempts to identify any information that would reflect negatively on the company if the candidate were hired. Can also be customized to include the special concerns or requests of each client.

Applicant Interview

Looks for discrepancies and attempts to clarify or obtain additional relevant information about the background and character of the candidate.

What about a "nationwide criminal search"?

We’re asked all the time if we offer a “nationwide criminal search” or a “multi-state criminal search”.

The answer is always “No.”

Why not? Because it just doesn’t exist.



SSN verification and address search plus criminal indicators


SSN verification and address search


Verification of past employment (per employment)

$20.00 plus any fees

Interviews of listed personal references (per reference)


National Sex Offender Registry check


Criminal record search (online, varies by jurisdiction, does not include Delaware)

$20.00 plus jurisdiction fee

Criminal record search (via mail, varies by jurisdiction, does not include Delaware)

$25.00 plus jurisdiction fee

Verification of highest point of education

$17.00 plus any fees

Credit report (no score)


Federal records search (criminal, civil, bankruptcy, and appellate)


Driving record (online or electronic)

$14.00 plus state fee

Driving record (via mail)

$27.00 plus state fee

Internet and social media search (basic or customized)

$125.00 and up



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