Chuck Hurst

Charles L. “Chuck” Hurst


Advising Consultant
Law Enforcement and Security Professional since 1982

Place of Birth: Southern Pines, North Carolina

Personal Interests: Camping, hiking, and outdoor activities with my wife and faithful K9. Civil war history, music (particularly Americana), and a good read. And of course, time spent with my grandsons.

Education and Training: Administrative Officers Management Program, North Carolina State University. Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, NCCJTSC.

What are some notable or memorable projects? Management and oversight of the Raleigh Police Department homicide unit, which relentlessly investigated five seemingly unrelated homicides occurring over a span of nearly 18 months. The investigations culminated in the arrest and conviction of a single individual who was responsible for all five murders.

What is your greatest security concern? My greatest concern is apathy on the part of the public at large and, alarmingly, even amongst law enforcement. For the public, that apathy breeds indifference and often results in looking the other way, ignoring the obvious and not doing the right thing. For law enforcement, dismissing and/or rationalizing suspicious circumstances is the beginning of the end for someone responsible for detecting criminal behavior. The consequences can be dire when that same cop shrugs his or her shoulders, mutters “it’s not worth it”, and drives away. The amount of scrutiny and criticism being brought to bear against law enforcement, whether fair or not, only serves to exacerbate the situation. We are all stakeholders in safeguarding our communities, towns, homes, businesses, and schools. As such, all of us must remain vigilant.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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