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What Can We Learn From Baylor University?

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screenshot of articleThe Dallas Morning News recently published an article entitled “Sex assault reports at Baylor nearly quadrupled in 2015, report says”. Read the full article here.

What can we learn from Baylor University?

  1. If campus leaders do not set the example and provide the necessary resources, it is nearly impossible to engage the population in a comprehensive and effective manner. A critical component of the success of any security program is top down support and engagement. Effective security programs include people, processes, and technology. All are integrated to support the business/institutions business strategy, compliance requirements, and culture. Security programs provide the framework for an organizations stability and prosperity.
  2. How a college handles sexual assault and Title IX will continue to be an attention-grabbing headline for the foreseeable future. The reputation of a college is the cornerstone of its ability build programs, attract and keep talent (students/employees), secure funding, and grow. Protecting that reputation means adequately addressing problems.

Title IX legislation as it pertains to post-secondary institutions is not new. Nor is the Clery Act legislation with the VAWA amendments. We don’t know all the specifics that led to the events at Baylor University or in the media. As security consultants who work in this space, what we do know is that Baylor University is not unique. Things will not likely improve until institution leaders begin to make security and compliance a priority at their institution.

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