access control - prox reader

Access Card – Keys to the Building


access control - prox readerAs most of us know, an access card or credential is a key to gain entry to a parking lot, building, or other secured space.

Why then do so many people leave their card in their car after work?

Some even hang them from their mirror. When I ask, the response I usually get is “it is more convenient and I know where it is at all times.” I have even heard security personnel within an organization say that they have two or more cards in a system and that they leave one in the car at all times as a spare.


This may be okay if you carry a plain card with no company logo or markings on it indicating where you work, but the cards that do have some information on them could be taken and abused probably before you even know that they are missing.

Access cards need to be treated just like a key to your house.

I don’t think most people would leave their house keys hanging from the rear view mirror.

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