What it is

A properly installed security system must function in a way that serves the needs of the client and end users. Protus3 provides security systems testing and validation services as part of a complete security system design and/or as an independent service when systems are designed by others.

How it works

Equipment Start-up

  • Oversee and participate in the start-up of all security electronic equipment
  • Verify and inspect all associated security equipment located in each security room, including rack layouts, terminations, wiring, labeling, equipment rack ventilation, and all other associated requirements

Commissioning and Testing

  • Review the contractor’s testing documentation for each system
  • Test each system individually to verify that all equipment operates according to the plans and specifications and as programmed
  • Verify that all secondary security equipment operates as designed and programmed
  • Provide documentation for each system outlining all items with a pass/fail comment
  • Provide a document for all outstanding punch list items that will need to be corrected before final acceptance
  • Provide recommendations for modifications that may be needed to meet the specifications

Final Acceptance and Close-out

  • Verify that punch list items have been corrected and that components operate as designed
  • Conduct a thorough test of the systems with the owner and designated staff to simulate typical working conditions
  • Provide recommendations for corrections as needed
  • Review as-built documentation, O&M Manuals, warranty information, spare parts, required service parameters, and training documentation
  • Provide a document indicating the systems are performing and operating as designed and programmed
Why Protus3

The ultimate goal is to have electronic security systems in place that meet the needs of the client. As an independent third-party, the only goal of Protus3 is to make sure that the client receives a fully functioning system.