What it is

Well-designed security systems require an understanding of a facility’s culture, philosophy, and operations as well as technical knowledge about specific devices and equipment. Protus3 partners with clients to design technological solutions that complement people and processes to provide a safe and secure work environment and the protection of the organization’s assets. Protus3 provides security system design services in support of system upgrades and new installations, and in conjunction with a security threat assessment.

How it works

Depending on project requirements and budget, our processes can include these typical steps:

  • Security System Programming (Concept Development)
  • Security Systems Schematic Design
  • Security Systems Design Development
  • Security Systems Construction Documents
  • Security Systems Bid and Evaluation (Procurement)
  • Security Systems Installation Project Management
  • Security Systems Commissioning and Closeout

Protus3 designs systems to be compliant with relevant codes and standards, including building, fire/life safety, and electrical codes, ADA, UFC, MCO, HIPAA, and standards for federal buildings. Because we understand that codes may be interpreted differently, we have the ability to adapt designs to provide alternative solutions.

When working on any project, Protus3 coordinates designs with related components, including door hardware, electrical, fire and life safety, landscaping, civil engineering, and lighting. Additionally, Protus3 coordinates client-side design elements with IT, facilities, and other departments or divisions as needed to support the project.

Why Protus3

Protus3 does not sell or install equipment. Protus3 provides subject matter experts in security system design, asset protection, and risk mitigation. The only consideration is what equipment or devices would be the best choice for the application. This position allows Protus3 to design systems tailored to the needs of the client and fitting their culture.

We have proven technical expertise and experience in designing solutions for federal, state and local governments as well as all size of private sector entities. These solutions are driven by risk mitigation, industry standard and compliance, and your security culture.

Our expertise with security solutions includes:

  • Security Management Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Barrier Systems
  • Digital and Analog Video Systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) and Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure
  • Communication Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems