What it is

Master planning requires a high level understanding of an organization’s existing security conditions, mission, and strategic direction of the security operation. Once these elements have been captured, a master plan can be developed that includes recommendations, multi-year plans of action, and multi-year budgets to guide an organization over time.

Security is a critical business function. Like all critical business functions, security requires strategic planning to meet the needs of the organization. The success of the security function depends on careful design and planning of the entire security program. The design and planning of every security program includes people, processes, and technology. A Security System Master Plan cannot simply include technology alone. The Master Plan must also include operational requirements as well.

How it works

Security system master planning services include:

  • Needs and feasibility assessments
  • Security system as-built documentation
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Security system evaluations
  • Project definition, planning, and schedules
  • Project budget master planning
  • Security systems standards development
Why Protus3

Protus3 has more than thirty years of experience in developing security master plans and designing electronic security systems. As security systems have become increasingly complex, their design requires not only knowledge and expertise of the individual security components but also detailed knowledge of computer networks and wireless infrastructures. As such, designing an electronic security system is not as simple as selecting items from a catalog or contacting an installation contractor. Customers need impartial guidance and unbiased solutions to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Protus3’s detailed approach to security includes a broad understanding of the changing legal environment, security administration, security operations, and technology. Our approach and knowledge provide experienced support to assist our clients in developing the most effective security system master plans.