Security training and awareness are probably the most efficient, cost-effective tools available to an organization. Ultimately, people cause security problems – often deliberately and sometimes unintentionally. Studies show that the best way to improve an organization’s security is not by creating a technical solution; instead organizations need to spend more time training and educating their employees – the primary cause of security breaches.

What It Entails

Protus3 offers a variety of training services targeting specific and more generalized practices. We provide a full range of security training services including analysis of current procedures, development of curriculum, and instructional presentations. Our training includes programs from simple security awareness to customized programs that are specific to the policies and procedures of the organization and support the protection of assets.

Why Protus3

Protus3 is uniquely qualified to train employers and employees on security-related issues because we bring together a diverse set of security professionals. We employ security experts, design experts, technical experts, and former law enforcement with security and military training. As a result, we can construct comprehensive training modules that will protect you and your business. Choosing to raise awareness of security issues and training staff members regarding proper behavior can be highly cost effective by protecting assets, employees, and visitors.

Here are some security training courses we offer:

  • Background Investigations
  • Be Prepared to Stand Alone (Emergency Management / Incident Management)
  • Executive Security Awareness / Lifestyles & Personal Protection
  • Fraud Investigations/Awareness
  • Introduction to Explosives Technology
  • Letter/Package Bomb and Biological Attack Awareness
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior
  • New Employee Security Orientation
  • Receptionist Training
  • Security 101 – Introduction to Security Concepts
  • Security 201 – Elements of Physical Security
  • Security 301 – Conducting a Security Survey
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Manager Training
    • Concepts and Elements of Physical Security
    • Emergency Management
    • Investigation
    • Legal
    • Management
  • Workplace Security Program
    • Security – Buildings and Operations
    • Security – Traveling
    • Security – Workplace Violence
    • Security – Managing Aggressive Behavior
    • Security Policy Issues
    • Procedures for Dealing with Incidents (Robbery, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Protests and Demonstrations)
  • Workplace Violence / Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence Training for Facility Managers
  • Workplace Violence Training for HR Managers
  • X-ray Interpretation