Security/Brand Alignment

Too often companies view security as a cost center or expense-only proposition. In actuality your organization’s security program is the framework that supports your organization’s stability and prosperity because of its critical role in identifying and protecting critical organizational assets. Your brand communicates your value proposition, mission, philosophy, and vision. Your security program should reinforce your communication and express not only your “why” but also instill confidence in your ability to support your statements. This is the difference between companies who throw out flowery “feel good” statements and companies who care about the future of their organization.

At the very core of a security program is the identification of organizational assets and recognition of their importance to your organization’s sustainability. Only then can you begin to understand the threats that could remove those assets from you temporarily, long-term, or forever. Security events are deliberate actions by people to do harm to your brand, people, or capital assets. These threats can come from insiders, criminals, competitors, or nation-states, and all threats should be considered as a part of the security plan development.

What We Do

Protus3 asks questions and develops the necessary relationships within organizations to begin the conversations that will ultimately identify the critical assets that are the foundation of the organization’s success. We listen, we educate, and we build trust with our clients. Only when we understand your operation and culture can we partner with you to develop the appropriate level of security programs and controls to support your stability and prosperity.

Why Protus3

We have the breadth of experience and expertise to work with all levels of the organization from the boardroom to the line workers. We build relationships within the organizations that we serve because we understand that effective security programs begin at the top of an organization, must be accepted at the employee level, and communicated at all levels. Security is everyone’s job. Although the security department may be responsible and accountable for the security program, all departments have a role. At Protus3 we have done hundreds of security assessments and worked with hundreds of companies in a cross section of industries and agencies. We know what works and what doesn’t.