Protus3 offers security officer service RFP design, audits, and training. We help organizations put in place quality security officer providers, investigate their effectiveness, and manage and improve current officers.

Contract Security Services

We are often asked to help write specifications that clearly explain the responsibilities of security providers so that our client can get the best service possible. Most security service contracts are one-size-fits-all documents — prepared by the contract security companies — that do not consider the unique needs of individual companies or adequately spell out the services required. For example, contracts provided by security companies normally do not include incentive or penalty clauses for performance or lack of performance. Many contracts don’t even guarantee a post will be filled. To get better results, it’s crucial to start with a better RFP.


Security audits are necessary to determine if all aspects of the security contract are being fulfilled. An audit is customizable to individual needs. Common questions an audit can answer:

  • Are the officers working on location qualified and properly screened by the contractor?
  • Are they trained and properly outfitted with uniforms?
  • Are the security posts covered as required?
  • Are the officers attentive at work or do they sleep, check their phones, or read magazines while on duty?
  • Do the officers represent the organization effectively?
  • Are officers adequately compensated, thereby attracting the best personnel?

Protus3 conducts customized training classes for security officers on a variety of topics. Examples include report writing, case law, investigations, interviews, patrol tactics, asset protection, and workplace violence. Our training is designed to fit the needs of clients and can cover virtually any security-related topic.

Why Protus3

We have helped many clients create a more professional security staff by providing advice and recommendations at any point in the process. Our team has years of experience designing security programs, managing security officers, and improving officer performance.