What it is

Many security officers are contracted through a third-party company. Finding a company that fits your needs is not straightforward. Protus3 helps businesses through the process of evaluating their own security needs, finding potential companies who can fill those needs, comparing various services, and choosing the best vendor.

How it works

We help companies understand exactly what they are getting when they contract with a security officer service. For example, it is important to know a company’s screening and hiring procedures, training programs, uniforms, and equipment. To know what security service to choose, we help our clients create a clear and prioritized list of criteria based on their own security needs. We then obtain and evaluate bids from qualified prospects and ultimately help our clients select the best service for their money.

Why Protus3

Our staff has extensive experience managing security and working with third-party companies. We’re a team of security experts, design experts, technical experts, and former law enforcement with security and military training. We know the ins and outs of the system and can help large and small companies successfully navigate this important process.