What are you trying to protect?

Our security assessment begins with an analysis of the assets of your organization. The most obvious assets are generally thought of as people and capital assets, such as inventory, equipment, and other physical items. Assets also include intangible items, such as trade secrets, intellectual property, brand identity, and reputation. Each of these assets requires a different approach to protection and layers of security.

What are you trying to protect it from?

The second step of our assessment is an analysis of threats. For physical and intangible items, this typically includes theft, misappropriation, sabotage, or some other form of damage. For people, threats include injury or death. Although the threats facing each organization are unique, ultimately every threat is related to loss. The losses to your business on a daily basis could range from minor to catastrophic.

What are the probability and criticality?

Threats are organized based on their probability and criticality. Probability is how often a threat is likely to occur. Criticality is an expression of the loss that could be caused by the threat. Our assessment process considers the probability and criticality of each threat.

What do you have in place to provide protection?

The next step of our assessment is an analysis of the people, processes, and technology currently in place to respond to threats. Protection has to be appropriate, adequate, sustainable, and scalable. In addition, protective measures in place must be used correctly rather than being circumvented. Our assessment compares the known threats to the current security program.

What protection needs to be improved?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to a security problem. There are common best practices, guidelines, and industry standards, but how these standards are implemented depends on the needs of the organization. Recommendations are useless unless they consider both the budget and the culture of an organization. Our security assessment process considers all of these factors when designing solutions to protect our clients’ assets.

Why Protus3?

We have conducted thousands of security assessments. Our comprehensive analyses provide insights from a variety of security angles. We employ security experts, design experts, and former law enforcement. Whether you are a small business, agency, or international corporation, Protus3 can help you achieve your security goals.