A Cost Effective Approach to Managing Security

For small to mid-sized companies, security is important, but there is often no room in the budget to justify a full-time security manager. We help these companies by offering “fractional” (or part-time, as-needed) services. Companies only pay a portion of the cost but still get the security services they need from capable professionals.

How does it work?

Our contracts are tailored to meet the needs and budget of each individual company. We start with an evaluation of a company’s security needs. Then together with the company, we decide on the number of hours required to fulfill their security needs. Our services may include:

  • Background investigations
  • Developing policies/procedures
  • Training
  • Assessments
  • Security Technology
  • Analysis
  • Investigations
  • Outplacement

Here’s why this is probably your best solution

While there are other possible security solutions for small to mid-sized companies, they each have significant drawbacks. Many companies simply assign security tasks to current employees hoping (idealistically) that untrained professionals will be adequate. But unsurprisingly, inexperienced security managers lack the skills to design effective security programs or identify security risks. Even if they have a security background and experience, it is limited by the experience and areas of expertise.

Other companies hire a part-time security manager. These individuals are hard come by but may be a tenable solution. However, they lack the administrative support and diverse skill sets Protus3 offers its clients — this is something large companies with full-time security managers rarely have. By hiring Protus3, you gain an entire division of security experts, design experts, and former police investigators, complete with thousands of hours of professional law enforcement, security and military training. You also gain the experience of a company that has worked with hundreds of organizations to apply security best practices and customized solutions to best support their stability and prosperity.