Safety Versus Security

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It is easy to think of safety and security as synonymous terms, but are they really? The confusion is in understanding their differences. In both cases, we are talking about something that could cause harm to another person, many persons, or property. The difference between safety and security is the intent to do harm.

If there is water on the floor, this would normally be considered a safety issue because someone could slip and become injured. Safety is the protection from injury or loss by circumstance, accident, or negligence.

If someone intentionally puts something in place to cause injury or damage, this would be a security issue. Security is the protection from injury or loss caused by deliberate action. The difference is people and intent.

Consider an extreme case: there is an explosion at a manufacturing facility. If the explosion was the result of an equipment failure or a chemical leak, then this is a safety issue. If a person deliberately caused the equipment failure or the chemical leak that resulted in the explosion, then this is a security issue.

Security, therefore, is a “people problem.” Security programs are only effective when they provide guardianship over both the hard and soft assets of the business by controlling the people who have access to those assets.

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